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2022-06-07 07:12:30 By : Ms. Vivian Jin

Stop wasting your precious time! You no longer have to compare offers and prices for cabin parts. TVH is the supplier you need to get all your cabin parts in one go. In our huge range, you will find everything you need to transform your cabin into a comfortable and functional workspace. In addition, you can save big with our great prices for cabin parts. Make the cabin a happy place!

A Cabin To Be Proud Of

Nothing is more disappointing than seeing a gorgeous house, only to find that the interior is dated and worn out. This also applies to the cabin of a machine. It is important to work in an enjoyable environment. It not only improves productivity and reliability, but also the operator’s mood. Every little bit helps, which is why TVH is there to provide you with every little bit you need. Find out how we can help you transform your cabin.

Cabin Parts That Make A Difference

The cabin consists of many parts. Some of them enhance comfort and safety, while others are essential for operating the machine. In any case, replacing worn parts will prove beneficial to everyone involved. Below you can find a summary of the parts that TVH can provide for you.

Safety first! Sturdy glass and windows keep the driver secure at all times. Looking for reliable cabin glass for your forklift, telehandler, or skid steer loader? Our promise is crystal clear: we’ll provide the right glass for your cabin. 

In addition to windows and panes, you can also find the matching sealing profiles in our range. They keep the cabin glass firmly in place, they’re long-lasting and prevent cold or hot air from entering the cabin. 

Get an instant boost of efficiency with a well-equipped cabin. Whether you need a new mirror, steering knob, or any other cabin part, we’ve got you covered. 

Here is an overview of all the cabin components we can supply:

On a hot summer day or in a warm warehouse, air conditioning comes in very handy. With the cool air flowing through your cabin, a comfortable ride is ensured. This way, drivers can work at a pleasant temperature at all times.

In winter, harsh temperatures can make for uncomfortable working conditions. Cab heaters are an easy solution to keep the temperature pleasant and create an enjoyable working environment. Thanks to this system, the cabin is transformed into a comfortable workplace, making the drivers ready to face the cold. Quick and efficient heating is provided immediately.

When driving in an industrial vehicle, a lot of parameters must be kept in mind, e.g. the oil pressure, speed, engine temperature ... These gauges help notify the driver when something is wrong. No need to worry about potential incidents anymore, our gauges monitor and report instantly.

A battery discharge indicator is an indispensable component of a dashboard. It monitors the battery of an electric industrial vehicle and shows how much battery capacity you have left. In this way, the driver knows when to return to the battery recharging area in time.

Ready to take your machine cabin to the next level? Whether you’re dealing with a single telehandler, a couple of skid steer loaders, or a whole fleet of forklifts: we have electronic accessories such as camera systems, safety systems, hearing protection with radio, buzzers and horns, lights… to improve your machine.

A clear view is of paramount importance. Thanks to our windscreen wipers, visibility is guaranteed on rainy days. Safety is increased and possible incidents are prevented.

Drivers must be able to see their immediate surroundings. Our cabin mirrors are perfect for this job. A mirror greatly increases safety by providing a better view around and behind the forklift, so that injuries or damage can easily be prevented. In short, mirrors are an indispensable and highly recommended part of an industrial vehicle.

Cabin joysticks are multifunctional devices that increase working efficiency. Each joystick offers the operator a variety of functions, making it faster and easier to perform the assigned tasks. At TVH, we offer high-quality joysticks for every type of machine. They are tested, approved, and ready to increase your working precision.

A faulty ignition switch, steering column switch, or other crucial switches can bring your whole production flow to a standstill. At TVH, we offer an impressive range of switches for various machine cabins. From forklift ignition switches to telehandler rocker switches: rest assured that we can help you out.

A dashboard is essential for any industrial vehicle. Drivers must be able to monitor their speed or know when to refuel. Besides, it is important to keep track of possible error messages. We not only offer assemblies that are specifically designed for one type of vehicle, but also individual gauges or BDIs that can be used on tons of different machines.

Manoeuvring a machine has never been easier or safer with our steering knobs. Working with machines in narrow aisles? A steering knob makes steering more responsive, easier and more accurate, thereby increasing efficiency and saving you a lot of time.

Complete cabins for your convenience

At TVH, we offer a variety of complete cabins, suitable for all types of industrial vehicles. Our cabins are of excellent quality and provide a safe working environment for your drivers. Some of our units are pre-assembled, which saves time and money. Other units need to be assembled after purchase, but we are happy to help and guide you. There is no need to worry about assembling the cabin, we have your back.

Best seat on the job

When buying a new seat for your forklift, telehandler, or another machine, ergonomics is key. It’s more efficient to replace an old seat than an employee who has physical complaints. At TVH, we offer a wide range of original seats, as well as 100% equivalent aftermarket alternatives. There’s a seat for every cabin and our seat specialists will be happy to find it for you.

From the seat height to the exact position: to sit comfortably in a cabin seat, personalisation is crucial. To ensure maximum comfort, we can deliver seat parts and options such as armrests, seat belts, or headrests. All seat components or replacement seats are of the highest quality and manufactured by the most reliable brands such as Grammer or Sears.

One click away from every cabin part

TVH is your reliable partner to deliver the right parts to your doorstep. No matter the make or model, you can rely on us to help you out. Besides our extensive selection of cabin parts, we also offer you all the technical support you need.

You are now only one click away from getting the best cabin parts at the best prices. Easily shop cabin parts by logging in to MyTotalSource. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail, phone, MyTotalSource, IRMN… Our in-house experts will gladly assist you.

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