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2022-06-25 07:34:58 By : Mr. Xiao Lin

MARQUETTE & ALGER COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - On Thursday, 22 people were certified as child passenger seat technicians following a four-day car protection safety course hosted by the Marquette-Alger County Car Seat Committee.

The training ended with a car seat check event held at the Marquette Township Fire Station.

Now certified child passenger safety technician Melinda Britton says the experience helps everyone.

“It’s been really a rewarding experience to learn about car seat safety and understanding not only education for ourselves but how to bring that to the community,” Britton said.

The $13,000 training was funded by the Office of Highway Safety Planning.

“This program is really important because having children in the proper car seat is so vital to keeping them safe,” Marquette County Car Seat Committee member Corey Holcomb said. “Child injury due to car accidents is one of the leading causes of death and it is 100% preventable.”

The group also gave out free car seats to parents in need.

“One of the things that we have found is that for families who have financial struggles and can’t purchase a new car seat they might be using a used car seat or a car seat that has previously been involved in a car accident which is not safe for the child,” Holcomb said.

Tech proxy Judy Pruner says the program was halted in 2020 because of COVID-19.

“Since the pandemic, I think it’s been four years in the U.P. since we have had a car seat check here,” Pruner said. “We used to have them all over in all the different counties and we haven’t been able to do that and provide seats to people who really truly need them.”

Britton says she is happy to bring the information she learns to all parents in need.

“We all try our best as parents, but sometimes we don’t realize that it could be something so small, Britton said. “To be an educator in the community that way is a privilege.”

Car seat safety experts recommend checking your child’s seat at least once every few months to make sure everything is attached properly, and nothing is tangled up.

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