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2022-06-07 07:31:38 By : Ms. Lucy Lin

BHPian Safari Persona recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I am planning on getting the new Tata Safari (Adventure Persona) but I'm really torn between the 6-seater (captain chairs) and the 7-seater (bench seats). Normally, I would go with the captain seat because seat comfort is paramount for me. However, I've heard conflicting reports on this with some saying that the captain seats are more comfortable because they have individual adjustability and provide better support and some others saying that the wider bench seats are more comfortable because they too can slide & recline and because the captain seats are too narrow.

If seat comfort were the only consideration, which would be the better choice? The captain seats or the bench seats? Can anyone who has spent time on both the captain and bench seats shed some light on this? Thank you.

Update: My use case for the car will be very specific. When I am travelling, I will be driving the car myself and there will be 3 additional passengers at most, so we will not really need the extra capacity that the bench seat provides. And when I am not travelling, it will be chauffeur-driven with just 2 additional passengers, so we will again not need the extra capacity that the bench seat provides. On the rare occasions that we need more capacity, it will be for short trips and we can make do with using the 3rd row. So seat comfort in the 2nd row is the only consideration over flexibility and utility.

Just a couple of quick questions.

Here's what BHPian ramjiramu had to say on the matter:

6 seater have additional ventilated seats for middle row captain seats.

I find them very useful in my Safari Dark front seats.

Also, if the middle row seats are primarily occupied by elders then they will prefer wider bench seats for in between naps or leg stretches as per my observations.

Here's what BHPian narsingh had to say on the matter:

I had the same dilemma and did extensive research on whether to have captain seats or bench seats in the middle row for my Safari. My conclusion was that a bench seat offers more flexibility as well as utility, for the following reasons:

I have owned a Safari XZA+ for about 3 months now and I am happy that I went for the bench seat. We used the middle seat of the bench on a long journey, and the person who sat there felt comfortable.

However, looking at your expected usage pattern, I think you can straightaway go for the captain seat option for the middle row, in which you also get the added advantage of ventilated seats, recently introduced in Tata Safari.

Here's what BHPian Contrapunto had to say on the matter:

From the update alone, it's clear that you should go for the captain seats and not the bench.

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