Summer Car Essentials That'll Help Beat The Heat | HuffPost Life

2022-06-07 07:13:49 By : Ms. Shirly shen

If you have a car, you know the struggle of summer when your steering wheel, seats and seat belts all feel like they’re 500 degrees. There’s nothing worse than grabbing your seat belt buckle only to burn your hand on the scalding hot metal part. Just how are you supposed to go on all of your road trip vacations when it hurts just to sit in your car?

Though the summer heat is inevitable, there are auseful items you can grab on Amazon that will help alleviate most of your hot car problems. From covers that will act as a protective layer between your skin and the car seat to a neat car vent air extender that makes sure everyone in the back seat (including kids and pets) gets much-needed A/C, these products below ensure you don’t have to suffer through sweltering temps with no relief.

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