All You Need To Know About The 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition

2022-06-07 07:21:28 By : Mr. Jackey Wang

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The Morizo Edition adopted the Toyota President's racing code name, "Mr Morizo."

The Morizo Edition is the second special model for the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla, which isn't even available yet. However, for those who are only vaguely familiar with the GR Corolla, here's a quick rundown: it's a 300-hp, 273-lb-ft all-wheel-drive formidable might, driven by a more powerful version of the turbocharged G16E-GTS three-cylinder engine from the global GR Yaris that isn't available in the United States.

The Morizo Edition has the forged carbon-fiber roof panel, front and rear mechanical Torsen limited-slip differentials, aerodynamic elements, and body package from the Circuit Edition, but removes the rear seat and replaces it with a pair of 18-inch forged wheels. Also, the all-new edition boasts higher power, reduced weight, a reinforced body construction, and unique design aspects when compared to the normal GR Corolla. Toyota hasn't specified when the Morizo Edition would be released. Well, for the meantime, here's everything we know.

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Toyota didn't scrimp when it came to making the GR Corolla Morizo Edition seem the part when it came to making a car faster, especially since just 200 of them were made. In the wild body kit, which comes in Windchill Pearl or a Morizo-exclusive matte gray outside paint, there's even more ducting that's entirely functional. Morizo-exclusive matte black 18-inch forged alloy wheels with sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are also included.

Unique red-and-black Ultrasuede and leather seats with slots for mounting a racing harness, as well as an Ultrasuede steering wheel with plenty of red highlights, can be found inside the interior. Despite the structural bracing, Toyota claims that you'll be able to accommodate four extra tires for a track day in the back despite the removal of the rear seat for weight savings. President Akio Toyoda meant it when he said he wanted to make an automobile he was proud to put his name on.

The Morizo has two additional rear strut-tower bracing, making it considerably stiffer than the normal GR Corolla hatch. Toyota claims that the car will be able to carry a set of four tires for track days. The steering wheel rim, the lever for the mechanical parking brake, and the shift knob and boot are all covered in the soft sueded material. Windchill Pearl (white) and matte gray, which are exclusive to this edition of the GR Corolla, are also available on the exterior.

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This new special edition is named after Toyota president and well-known automobile enthusiast Akio Toyoda—specifically, his racing code name "Mr Morizo"—and has the same 300 horsepower as the previously announced Core and Circuit trim levels, but with a torque boost from 273 to 295 lb-ft. According to Toyota, the new trim sports a close-ratio manual transmission and shorter differential gears, which will aid acceleration.

Furthermore, the Morizo Edition is 106 pounds lighter than the Circuit trim, bringing the total weight to 3186 pounds. Backseat deletion, forged wheels, and the removal of rear speakers, rear window regulators, and the rear wiper system account for the majority of the weight loss.

Underneath the Morizo Edition, there are two more added floor braces, red mono-tube shocks, a rear strut brace, bigger Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and limited-slip differentials as standard. It also has the same GR-Four all-wheel-drive system as the rest of the GR Corollas. It has the same forged carbon roof and vented hood as the Circuit Edition car, but it comes in a special matte gray color. Toyota wraps Ultrasuede around the steering wheel, gearshift, handbrake, and red-and-black-trimmed seats to add a touch of sportiness to the interior. Charming.

The price of the GR Corolla Morizo Edition is unknown at this time, but Toyota promises it will be available in 2023. Good luck if you're attempting to obtain one of the 200 that's produced. Toyota hasn't said whether the Morizo Edition would be available in future model years, so it's unknown if more than 200 will ever be produced.

If we were to guess based on our best guesses for how much the Core and Circuit trim levels will cost, we'd say around $45,000. It's unclear whether Toyota will offer a special ordering procedure for this limited-edition model.

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