Next Level Racing releases GT ELITE, a racing cockpit exclusively for GT positions

2022-06-07 07:24:33 By : Mr. David Jiang

Milestone unveiled the "GT ELITE" racing cockpit from Next Level Racing. A racing cockpit devoted to the GT position, focusing on GT car racing. 

It has high expandability, outstanding rigidity, and is simple to assemble. To offer a stronger connection between the vertical upright and the chassis base, an 8mm thick carbon steel reinforced upright direct mount plate is used. Where extra holding power is required, full channel wide spring ball T-slot nuts and through bolts are employed.

Furthermore, the 8mm thick carbon steel sandwich plate firmly links the upright and pedal plate to improve the fastening between the cockpit's structural sections. When used in conjunction with precision-designed folding wheels, pedals, and shifter plates, you can create a sturdy, solid platform with no "deflection" or "bending." Furthermore, a newly designed "Next Level Racing seat slide system" has been implemented to address the issue of "bending" of the seat slider present in typical goods. The built-in NLR ratchet allows the seat to move back and forth for more precise setting. Furthermore, the linked universal seat bracket allows for subtle modifications to a larger range of seat heights and angles.

Furthermore, the product includes all of the components required to experience full-scale sim racing. At the same time, the "ELITE series numerous optional parts" that increase the features will be released.