The Interior Of The Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV Will Take Your Breath Away

2022-06-07 07:15:41 By : Mr. Jack Pan

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Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV shares most of the interior features with the sedan, but being an all-electric SUV has its advantages.

Apart from being the most aerodynamic production car in the world, the Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan also baffled us with the sheer number of screens it packed. But being a sedan also did raise a lot of eyebrows into thinking why Mercedes-Benz didn't bring out an SUV with the same caliber. Well, that was answered in April 2022 with the unveiling of the EQS SUV. It's everything "wow" that the sedan was and more.

With a tall body structure and optional third-row seats, the SUV has dialed up on practicality and comfort. Luxury remains a no-brainer which is now dominated by technology, and loads of screens. The insane 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen looks huge even in the SUV, and AI-backed adaptive in-car features make the EQS SUV an entity evolving to make you feel special!

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV shares most of the interior features with the EQS sedan but seats up to seven with an extra row, gets more headroom, and adds more practicality.

The Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV shares the same wheelbase as the EQS sedan but gets stretched in height by over 7.8 inches. The added height, coupled with an optional third-row makes it a spacious SUV that can seat up to seven. The headroom for this SUV's third row is marginally lower than the first and second at 35.4 inches, but it still is commendable for a three-row SUV.

With all three rows in use, the cargo space is capped at 6.8 cu-ft. Fold-down the optional third-row flat to the floor, and you get 28.2 cu-ft. Go on even further by folding down the second-row seats, and you are treated to a lavish 71.3 cu-ft of cargo space. The second-row seats also offer a 40:20:40 folding ratio to cater to various types of cargo.

An EASY ENTRY feature comes in handing for ingress and egress for the third-row seats by moving forward by 11.4 inches. Despite being a high technology-dependent interior, Mercedes-Benz still found ways to make the EQS SUV ooze with luxury. A NEOTEX structure that fuses Nubuck leather and Neoprene is found in the instrument cluster and armrests. The interior also flaunts a unique trim material made from real wood and fused with aluminum inlays.

The center console has a unique storage cover made of open-pore magnolia wood and laser-etched with the "Mercedes-Benz" logo. All seats are wrapped in the finest leather with stitching that emphasizes the hand-crafted appeal. The comfort features are stacked up for all three rows.

The first row gets electrically adjusting ventilated seats with memory functions and a luxury headrest. The second row adds more coziness with electrically adjustable backrest and seat row adjustments. It also gets optional premium armrests. The third row is not left out as it gets two retractable individual seats with folding head restraints and an optional heated function.

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The show-stopper of the EQS SUV is hands-down its screen situation. The standard screens package includes a digital instrument cluster and a 12.8-inch portrait-style touchscreen unit. But that will rarely be seen in any EQS SUV on the road because of the insane 56-inch MBUX hyperscreen package. Basically with this unit, the complete dashboard is a screen!

It consisted of a 12.3-inch driver's display, a 17.7-inch central infotainment unit, and a 12.3-inch passenger display. All these screens flaunt OLED technology. The clever MBUX interface transforms all three individual screens into one complete interface. This all-digital dashboard is coated with scratch-resistant silicate glass that also makes cleaning it easy.

The heart of this digital marvel is an 8 CPU core, 24 GB RAM processor that makes complex programming seem simple. Everything from the music listening trends to themes can be curated using the various in-built modes or let MBUX do its AI bits and adapt to your habits. Talking of which, the melody duties are taken care of by a Dolby Atmos-enabled Burmester surround sound system with 15 speakers.

The second-row seats also get an MBUX High-end Rear Seat Entertainment Plus feature that comprises two 11.6-inch touchscreen displays on the backrests of the front row seats. The second row can also be packed with an optional MBUX tablet that supports android apps and can also be detached and used.

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The MBUX software in its latest form is adaptive and goes beyond the infotainment functions. It is integrated into the map feature and can remember GPS positions for various in-car and powertrain-related bits. Then there is "Hey Mercedes" which supports 27 languages and comes with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) algorithm.

And every other technology feature is backed by a learning algorithm in the EQS SUV. The driver's and passengers' moods and movements are used to change elements ranging from interior ambient lighting, music playback, perfume diffusion, and even the position and massage functions of the seats.

All these are monitored either via various cameras in the cabin or usage trends. The car also has heightened security and safety features including fingerprint, face, and voice recognition for various secure features, including digital payments. Mercedes-Benz has managed to blend technology seamlessly into our everyday functions.

We were always skeptical about how the integrations of intense technology features would hamper the emotional experience that comes with driving. But Mercedes seems to be showing us that sophisticated tech coupled with more screen area than your home television can co-exist peacefully while on the road. Also, luxury hasn't faded away into the backdrop despite technology taking the spotlight in the EQS SUV. This all-electric SUV showcases the next page of all-electric luxury automobiles.

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