These Are The Best Features Of The Mercedes-AMG One

2022-06-07 07:16:14 By : Mr. Joe Wong

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Mercedes-Benz's long-awaited quest to create a road-legal automobile based on F1 technology has finally come to reality.

The fate of Mercedes-Benz’s outrageously ambitious One hypercar was greatly amplified. The Mercedes-AMG One has arrived after multiple delays and communications blackouts. And we now have new images of the completed hybrid hypercar. The German luxury car manufacturer has finally shown the AMG One, a street-legal hypercar inspired by Formula One.

In case you forgot, the production model appears to follow Lewis Hamilton and then-Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche's vision from 2017. The Mercedes-AMG One has a 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engine derived from Mercedes’ F1 drivetrain technology. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell both race their Formula One cars with the same drivetrain.

The road car section of the company worked with the race team of the High-Performance division in Brixworth, United Kingdom. Despite Mercedes tweaking this car for road use, this monster continues to achieve some insane results. Which is, 1050bhp when combined with four of the F1 power unit’s hybrid systems. According to Mercedes-AMG, they will only make 275 examples. Eight of which are for Australia, making it the company’s wildest model yet.

Mercedes-Benz's long-awaited quest to create a road-legal automobile based on F1 technology has finally come to reality.

The Mercedes-AMG ONE has the most advanced active aero technology ever seen in a production vehicle. Three distinct aerodynamic set-ups are accessible. Depending on the driver’s desire and the selected drive program. With adjustable rear wing features, a flap can be extended or withdrawn. Depending on whether maximum top speed or high downforce are the priorities.

Highway, for example, closes the wheel arch louvers, stalls the front diffuser’s active flaps, and repositions the rear wing. For optimum downforce, track mode opens the louvers and extends the front diffuser and back wing flap. When compared to highway mode, it boosts this by up to five times. The front axle is 1.4 inches lower, while the rear axle is 1.18 inches lower.

Lastly, Race DRS mode reduces drag and downforce (roughly 20%, according to Mercedes) to increase peak performance on long straight roads. We can trigger DRS mode at the press of a button, much like in an F1 car. The rear wing flap is entirely retracted, and the louvers are closed in racetrack drive regimes. When the driver brakes or lateral acceleration is detected, it can turn off DRS automatically.

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There are six driving modes, two of which are only for usage on the track. Another is an electric-only drive mode, in which the AMG One can go 18 kilometers on electricity alone. From the self-explanatory Electric mode to Race Safe mode, in which it only uses the engine when extra power is required. And then there’s Race mode, which keeps the engine running endlessly. This makes sure that full-electric power is always available.

Then we have two racetrack modes, the Race Plus and Strat 2. Both settings activate the active aerodynamic features. Resulting in increased downforce and reduced suspension. They created the Strat 2 mode to provide owners with a realistic experience of F1. Showing how F1 drivers push their vehicles during races and deliver real potential to all motors. Ultimately, the Individual mode allows drivers to fine-tune the many settings related to the different road modes. This allows users to tune the car’s setup for the streets.

According to Philipp Schiemer, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, “With the Mercedes-AMG ONE, we have more than pushing the envelope. The immense technical challenges of making a modern Formula 1 powertrain suitable for everyday road use have undoubtedly pushed us to our limits. Throughout the development period, many may have thought that the project would be impossible to implement. Nevertheless, the teams in Affalterbach and the UK never gave up and believed in themselves.”

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When you step inside the Mercedes-AMG One’s cockpit, you’ll feel you’re in an F1 car. It has a rectangular F1-style steering wheel with nearly all the car’s control buttons. Moreover, it has shift lights and a DRS activation system. The flattened top and bottom parts of the F1-style steering wheel stick out, and it’s packed with driving mode and suspension options.

We may adjust the pedal box to eleven levels, and the steering wheel can be power-adjusted. Furthermore, we have two 10-inch displays. One in the middle, slanting in the driver’s direction, presents the most important information. They flawlessly integrated automatic climate control vents and speaker grilles into the carbon fiber and suede trim. The car features power windows and butterfly doors, which are taken from the concept.

We can change the seat pans of the AMG Motorsport to a 25 or 30-degree angle. Adjustable seat footrests are available for both the driver and the passenger. Many have attempted to fit an F1 powertrain into a road car in the past, whether it was the Ferrari F50, Renault Espace F1, BMW E60 M5, or biggest rival of Mercedes Aston Martin Valkyrie. Yet, Mercedes-AMG One is the closest we’ve come to the genuine thing.

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